Upcycle Book Table How-to

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Upcycle Book Table

This post is made after the fact of being built, so i didn’t take progress photos along the way, but I don’t feel they are necessary to the build for this particular project.  I had quite a few books from a relative gathering dust in the garage.  I figured they would make a neat base for a table, so this is what I came up with.

Materials –

-Books –  I used around 25,  I didn’t have enough at first so I went to the thrift store and picked up the remainder for about $.50 a piece ( went on a half off day sale).

-Table Base – I used a preconstructed round base from lowes, it was like $11,  although if you have some spare wood around use that, It can have a square base.

-Pillar support system – This is composed of 1/2″ iron plumping pipe that is threaded on each end (lowes), to however high you want your table, mine is 3ft high. You also need two 1/2″ plumbing flanges to go on each end (lowes).  Total is around $25.

-Table top – a bigger table top, I used the same thing as the base from your local home improvement store but a larger diameter.  Cost – $20

-Stain – whatever color you like

-Poly – to seal and protect the wood

-Wall paper border – I used this to give a design to the tabletop

-Screws – to screw the pillar to the base and top.

Tools –

-Drill with 1/2″ bit

-Paint brush for the stain and poly


Steps —

1 – Take your base and top and stain them your desired color (follow instructions on can)

2 – Cut out appropriate length of chosen wallpaper border to fit on your top, it can hang off the edges. just cut it down after you apply it.

3 – Apply the border to the stained top following the instructions with the border.  Make sure to get good adhesion and get out all air bubbles by using something flat like a pop sickle stick to run them out.

4 – Once the border is dry and looks good, (if it doesn’t rip it off and start over, because once you put on the poly you won’t be able to redo it easily), apply the poly urethane as directed.

5 – Poly the base as well.

6 – While it is drying get to work on the books.

7 – Take one of your flanges and screw in the pipe, set aside.

8 – Start drilling 1/2″ holes through the center of each book.  The pages will bunch up and fold somewhat, so after you drill each book, go through it and remove any bunched up excess so that the book closes flatly.

9 – Start stacking your books on the pipe to see how many you will need.

10 – Fill up the entire pipe with books.

11 – Now that you have the correct amount of books, take them off and unscrew the flange from the pipe.

12 – Mount the flange on the top side of the base in the center using screws, make sure your screws are not too long as to go all the way through and puncture the other side.

13 – Screw on the pipe and stack you books on the pipe.

14 – Take the table top and mount the second flange on the underside in the center.

15 – Screw the tabletop onto the book pillar,  it should make a pretty tight fit onto the books, you may need to push down and compress the books to get a tight fit. if it is not tight, add another book.

16 – Arrange the books into a spiral if you want.

17 – Step back and look at your brand new conversation piece.

Let me know if you have any questions.